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Hi, I am in desperate need for financial need and I hope I posted my aid right. But anyway, how did you apply and get federal financial aid, if you don't mind letting me know. Thank you very much and Happy New Year Kathy

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Need Housing Assistance:Emergency:Please,Please!!!!!!!

Hi. I am new at this. I have never done anything in my life like this before. The story I have is extremely long and know there are alot of people that don't understand the situation, but until you are in something like this you have no idea what you would do. I live with my parents right now and my handicap brother. My husband, myself, my son who just turned 13, 1/1/2007 and my daughter who is 10. We had to move here 1 year ago, due to my husband had a heart attack and they put him on disability and I am on permanent disability for 7 back surgerys at the age of 36 and more to go. We had no choice to go. My brother sexually abused my son when he was 4. He did probation at the time, due to his mentality and was unable to do jail time. My children have never been left alone with him and that is not even an issue for discussion. Well on Thanksgiving weekend, my husband went to work early in the am, I woke up 45 min. later & my brother came down and woke up my son and my 8 year old nephew to go to his room and watch porns. My mother has had DDD involved with my brother for over 16 years to get him out of the house, they have done nothing and still are doing nothing. Everything right now is in their hands. Now I have an open DYFS case, Family Intervention Services for my family, Police Detectives, Procecutors and everything else. He is still in the home. Please, Please, Please I need whatever help I could possibly get. I really need help in getting securty deposit together so I can get out asap. I can not take much more of this, I am totally losing my mind. I dont know how much a person is suppose to take before they loose it. It is so bad at this point that I can not even sleep with my husband after 14 years. We need to sleep with the children. Please don't get me wrong, I completely understand that, but that is not the point. The system has completely and totally failed me. Please, please, again I am sorry for repeating myself, but if you can help in anyway, my family would greatly appreciate it and maybe we would know how to be happy again. We are soooo miserable. Also if anyone knows a good lawyer in the northern New Jersey area, I am also looking for another lawyer to sue DDD, the last one I had, has yet to get back to me after a week, I am done playing games.

I can not Thank You enough!! May God Bless You & Have A Wonderful New Year!!!!


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